Thor Malware

Warning: A new ransomware virus is on the loose and extremely dangerous! Its a variant of the infamous CryptoLocker virus.  Called the .thor file virus, it encrypts all your network files and demands the user to pay a $325 USD ransom to unlock them.

Thor file virus is promising to be another one of the world’s biggest cyber threats encrypting all of your most commonly utilized files. The victim is then left with a whole bunch of inaccessible data, all ending with a .thor file extension.

As with its predecessors, the .Thor File Virus Ransomware mostly infects through spam e-mails. Be on the lookout for messages from unfamiliar or suspicious senders and be especially weary of those containing attachments. The preferred attachment file types the hackers rely on, are WS and JS. Opening these contaminated files, regardless of the subject line or message body, will result in the automatic download of the ransomware. The encryption .Thor virus puts on machines is with almost no discernable symptoms, which is one of the main factors responsible for this ransomware’s extremely high threat level.

BBTech urges users to be very careful with any incoming email correspondence and not trust anything that comes from an unfamiliar source. If you happen to have opened a message containing the above file types, it is our strongest recommendation to outright delete the email without opening the attachments.

We recommend a multi layered approach to secure your network from exposure to this destructive virus. A secured network should adopt the following best practices:

  • End user cyber security training
  • A firewall that includes Unified Threat Management
  • Managed Anti-virus software
  • A Backup and Disaster Recovery solution

Contact BBTech, or talk with your primary technician to ensure you are protected from Ransomware.