Success Story: MHQB Law Office

If you’re not quite sure yet that converting to SmartOffice Cloud is right for you…keep reading. The time and money they saved in taking the plunge continues to pay off!

“The cloud environment has made working from anywhere easy. I can work from home, the courthouse, the car, etc. and have access to everything that I need. Additionally, all of our data is backed up and maintained in a secure environment, providing us peace of mind regarding data recovery. Instead of staying at the office to work late, we can work from home, remain productive, and meet our client’s needs. We LOVE it – the Cloud, that is.” – Mackoy Hernandez, Qualls and Brown, 6017 W Main St, Frisco, TX 75034, (214) 387-9056

Attorneys Debby Mackoy, Lisa Hernandez, Christine Qualls, Stuart Brown, and Lisa Zahn work as a legal team, collaborating on each case in order to ensure every client’s case receives the thorough, attentive consideration it deserves. Their experience allows them the ability to provide strategic legal guidance as well as advising clients on the long term effects of their decisions. Give them a call today to discuss your legal needs: (214) 387-9056!

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So, seriously, what are you waiting for? Call us for a free, no-obligation demonstration of SmartOffice Cloud and see all the bells and whistles for yourself.

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