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IT Security Training

To better protect our customers against cyber crime, BBTech Solutions has adopted a new security awareness program and is including it for FREE to our SWARM customers.

Cybersecurity is a big issue these days. I don’t think I have to tell you that. It is in the headlines almost every day. One huge aspect of cybersecurity is that hackers are going after companies and trying to defraud them all the time. They do this through ransomware, stealing sensitive company data, social engineering, phishing attacks or a combination of these techniques. And they do this for one reason – it is profitable.

Here is a statistic that you are probably not aware of – 71% of data breaches occur in small and medium sized businesses. SMB data breaches typically don’t make headlines, but the results can be disastrous. For instance, read this article about what happened to a trucking company in El Paso, Texas.

Obviously we want to prevent anything like this from happening to your firm. So how can we stop this? The common thread in the vast majority of attacks point to the weakest link in your IT network ….. your employees. According to a 2014 IBM study, 95% of breaches are caused by human error.

As your IT service provider, you entrust BBTech with managing and securing your network. One of our responsibilities is to stay on top of current trends and issues and figure out how to best address them with our clients. I have concluded that they best way to minimize the “human impact” mentioned above is through IT security training.

So we are offering IT security training to you at NO COST. We have incurred this expense and will absorb it to our bottom line. BBTech strives to improve the value of the services we provide to our clients and want to make sure we tackle this important issue head on.

We ask only one thing in return – that you mandate your employees take the IT security training and quiz. It does not take very long, and the time investment is well worth it. Both of us will benefit from this.

To get started with this program, please call Sales at 214.210.4415 option 2, or inform your primary tech you are interested in enrolling your organization in the program.


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