Security – Employees are the Weakest Link


Who’s Your Weakest Link?

Nowadays, almost everybody knows they need a firewall in place to block potential intruders from breaking in. What most people don’t realize is the increasing danger of phishing and other social BBTechengineering schemes that are designed to invite the bad guys in. And guess who’s inviting them? That’s right… Your employees (and quite possibly you) may be unknowingly allowing intruders into your network by visiting compromised websites.

Your staff is by far the weakest link in your network security.

Come on, let’s be honest. Keeping employees from sneaking in some “browser time” is next to impossible. And as the internet’s social platform expands, so does your risk for vulnerability. Social engineering attacks are becoming more sophisticated and harder to recognize. There is no software out there that can replace or replicate an educated and well-aware staff.

Without the proper network and cyber security training, you and your staff could easily expose your entire infrastructure to a full on sabotage. Let us help you prepare – BBTech’s top security advisers and technicians will develop custom solutions for your organization that will reduce the risk of in-house vulnerability. Call us today at 214-210-4415 for a free quote and make sure to sign up for a free network audit before it’s too late.

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