Security Alert: Websites Available to Check for Malicious Attacks

How often do you receive an email from a specific bank stating your account has been locked – and you know you don’t have an account with that bank? Are you afraid to click on a link in your browser or email for fear it will allow malware to attack your computer? Cybercriminals are getting smarter, and finding more creative ways to get unsuspecting people to give up their personal information, or open up their computers for an attack. What you may not know is that there is help available online to alert you to these scams.

Set up bookmarks to keep several websites that will let you upload suspicious links and email attachments, or allow you to check a URL.

They can tell you if that particular site or link has been flagged as suspect, and sometimes even let you know that your antivirus software may not catch or flag these items.

Here are some of the websites that will allow you to download suspected files and check for malware:

  • VirusTotal – A free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and aids in the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. (highly recommended)
  • FortiGuard Center – Scans questionable files and reports potential threats to security.
  • Payload Security – May not open .zip files, but you can upload files.
  • Malwr –You can upload and examine files to check for security issues, and tell if that item is listed on VirusTotal.
  • Metascan Online – Checks for malicious content.
  • Phishtank – Let’s you know if the site is a known phishing site.
  • urlQuery – Scans links for malicious activity or files.
  • Jotti – uploads files to analyze.
  • Dr. Web Antivirus – Scans files, but does not seem to work with .zip files.
  • Raytheon Websense – You can upload up to five web-based URLs a day for free analysis without registering, and more if you do register. Paid customers (only) are able to upload email files as well.
  • Wepawet – Can not check .zip files, but will check flash, JavaScript and .pdf files.
  • IP Void – You can enter an IP address and see if the site has been involved in any malicious activity (does not support https).
  • MXToolbox – Determines where an email message comes from.
  • Quttera – Checks websites for malicious activity.
  • Rex Swain’s HTTP Viewer – Allows you to view what a website is doing in your browser (does not appear to support https).
  • Robtex – Informs you about DNS resolution and spying.
  • Sucuri – Checks for website errors and malicious activity.

When in doubt, don’t open a file or website link. Check one or more of these websites to help you defend your system from attack before it happens. Be sure to go back and run a scan on your computer again once you have handled any suspicious malware or program to ensure there is no attack to your system.

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