Security Alert! October 2015

Unnoticed Malvertising Campaign For 3 weeks in August, a large malvertising campaign went unnoticed infecting thousands. Malvertising is the use of legitimate advertising networks injected by malware, and people who visit sites hosting the ads get infected unknowingly from drive downloads or pop ups. The ads were published on eBay, Drudge Report, and others.

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BBTech Oct Sec #2 Ransomware on Your Android Phone In the past year Ransomware has cost victims $18 million. This is a very lucrative business for cyber criminals, and now they are turning to mobile devices. This specific strain of ransomware locks the phone, grants itself admin access and sometimes requires you to factory default the phone.

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Terrible Passwords from the Ashley Madison Hack It should come as no surprise that people use terrible passwords, and reuse them over and over. The encrypted database of passwords from the Ashley Madison hack was run through a program of the most commonly used passwords, and the weakest ones were cracked. Do you use passwords like 123456 and password?

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