Mythbuster: We don’t need Security Training

I own a small business and we don’t handle any sensitive data, so my employees really don’t need any kind of security training.

Social engineering is the number one security threat to today’s organizations and employees are the weakest link in IT security.

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Network security isn’t just about protecting company secrets or clients’ personal information—just one careless or naive security slip can leave your network open to attacks that can shut production down. Think about it like this: Even if you didn’t lose much data, does your business have the revenue to hold you over during a network outage that could potentially last days?

A good security awareness program is nothing like your company’s IT policies. Instead of “banning” employees from Facebook during working hours, an effective program educates your team in how to assess threats in a multitude of situations.

As a FREE service to our clients, BBTech is providing end-user security training! 

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