Myth Buster: Employees Can’t Compromise your Network Security


Meet Sarah.

She is the young, bright assistant of her company’s CEO. She usually takes her lunch break at her desk, making quick Facebook scans while grabbing a bite to eat. Today is a hectic day, so BBTechSarah hastily accepts her pending friend requests before going back to work. Just like any other day, Sarah checks her inbox before she heads home.

But here’s what Sarah didn’t know on that seemingly ordinary day…

One of the friend requests she had so hastily accepted was in fact a cyber attacker who could now access her personal and professional contact information.

That last email she opened before calling it a day? A spear-phishing email delivered to her work account, which she opened and clicked.

And VOILA! Payload delivered, foothold established and just like that, her company was completely vulnerable to an untimely demise…

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