Myth Buster: All Clouds Are Equal!

We hear it all the time: “Why would I switch cloud providers? They’re all the same.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. All clouds are NOT created equal.

So, let’s bust this myth, and show you some of the top ways how BBTech’s SmartOffice cloud compares to some other providers.

Feature BBTech SmartOffice Amazon Microsoft (Azure) RackSpace
Complete computing environment (file storage, application hosting, database services, virtual desktop) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redundant hardware, internet connectivity, power, etc. (Datacenter features) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic backups of all data Yes Yes Yes Yes
YOUR applications migrated to the Cloud FOR YOU Yes No No No
YOUR data migrated to the Cloud FOR YOU Yes No No No
Backups restored FOR YOU at your request Yes No No No
Comprehensive, end-to-end support of your computing environment by LOCAL IT experts who KNOW YOUR BUSINESS Included Impossible No Way Good Luck


Trust us when we say “You get what you pay for!” Don’t compromise your business’ productivity or security: call us today for a free demonstration of our SmartOffice Cloud at absolutely no charge.

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