Finding A Reliable IT Guy In An Unreliable World

It’s Not As Bad As You Think (Maybe…)

Over the years IT guys (and gals) have established a somewhat dodgy rap sheet. I’d like to believe most of this stems from people assuming that their college roommate, ex-girlfriend, or brother-in-law is a legit IT expert…however this isn’t where the tale ends. There’s no shortage of horror stories of well advertised, well endorsed Information Technology “gurus” that have made matters worse due to shoddy work, unscrupulous ways, incompetence, or sometimes flat-out laziness.

Just like any other industry, the computer world has its own share of businesses that will take advantage of people who are naive about their IT services. However, unlike any other profession, computer repair and consulting agencies aren’t regulated in any way! So it may not be that your IT guy is ripping you off, in fact he may be giving 110%—he just doesn’t have the education or experience to do the job right (because anyone can claim to be an IT authority without facing any repercussions).

On the flip-side, some of the best techs can talk so far over your head, you feel like you’re stuck in some bad French film. Even worse, the guy you’re paying is looking at you like you’re some sort of moron who just fell out of a bad French flick…

The good news is, there is a happy medium. BBTech Solutions has over 10 years of business experience in diverse industries including healthcare, financial, legal, manufacturing, insurance, and professional business services. We can recommend technology solutions to improve your business and save you money. In addition:

  • We offer an array of services that can be tailored to both your business and your budget.
  • Our staff includes multiple individuals certified in different technologies, so we can collaborate with each other while still focusing on being an authority in our own field.
  • We continuously invest in the education and training of our personnel to make sure that your network is cared for by the best technicians in the business.
  • As part of our SWARM proactive Managed Services plan, we perform routine, proactive maintenance procedures to seek out potential problems and resolve them before they become an expensive crisis to your business.
  • We are capable of communicating without using confusing tech jargon and we’re happy to explain complex technology issues so that any non-tech can understand.
  • Our clients enjoy the benefits of our always-available help desk technicians. In most cases we are able to immediately access your network, getting your business back up and running in minutes instead of hours or days.

Hey, we get it (especially after you read this article). It’s hard to know who you can trust these days, so just ask our clients how reliable we are! Unlike most organizations, BBTech provides an extensive list of references for you to call on. Call us today for your free, no strings attached Network Assessment!

Taking Care of Business,

Empowering our clients by giving them world-class IT solutions and support so that they can realize significant and tangible business results is the concept that drives everything we do at BBTech Solutions Inc.