Avoiding a Whiteout

Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

If you were around the DFW area this winter, you should know a little bit about disaster! With icy temperatures and record setting snowfall, our area took a big hit in terms of businesses, BBTechschools and even many of our roads being shut down. Without the proper backup (i.e. plows, salt, etc.) recovery time would be a slow and painful process.

That got us thinking here at BBTech about your company’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.

Although they are not directly interchangeable terms, disaster recovery is not possible without having a backup in the first place. In the event of either physical or virtual emergency, having an effective data backup and disaster recovery solution in place is critical to ensuring your business continues to operate with minimal interruption. As part of a successful BDR plan, you need to address both the physical and virtual environments, protecting all critical data, applications, and complete systems.

In a virtual world, a system can be recovered by duplicating images of virtual machines and recreating them elsewhere. Data can be easily backed-up, including application software, local data, settings and memory. If you’re still running off of a physical server, an offsite backup service which sends backups from your network to a remote data center, that is a good first step.

Investing in a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan today will ensure that your business doesn’t get stuck in the snow. And isn’t that what a good plan is all about? In today’s IT world there are many options, but to make it truly valuable and worthwhile, it’s important to treat your company’s infrastructure plan uniquely. At BBTech we help you avoid the often costly and grueling recovery process by giving you solutions for today.

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